Wanuskewin leaders are coming to Art in the Park!  Take part in a Tipi raising, play traditional games, and find out all you want to know about First Nations Technology, the bison.

Tipi Raising:  Enjoy one of Wanuskewin’s most popular programs! Learn how the Plains Cree traditionally set up their homes with a tipi demonstration. This hands-on activity discusses the practical purpose of each tipi pole and the associated meanings that each pole represents for each stage of life. Try it yourself!

Traditional Games: Traditional games provided the teachings and skill development required for survival on the Northern Plains. Come learn how games played an important role in educating the young by developing physical skills and encouraging social development.

First Nations Technology, The Bison: Millions of bison once roamed the Central and Northern Plains, and First Nations peoples depended upon them for survival. Learn about the bison and see examples of how every part of the bison was used to provide food, tools, shelter, weapons, toys, and even glue.

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