Collaborative Art-Making ’09

Collaborative art-making debuted at last year’s Art in the Heart of Caswell festival and has been brought back for the ’09 festival to reflect this year’s theme, Heart and Soul.  Both the Caswell Modular Art Project and Sole Painting are opportunities take part in collectively creating artwork.

The Caswell Modular Art Project involves blank canvasses, paint, brushes, and the ideas and initiative of the wonderful people of Caswell.  You’re invited to feel inspired by the ambiance of the festival – and transfer your inspiration to canvas.

Conceived by Caswell Hill artist Jessica Kapell and sponsored by Northland Books,  the Modular Art Project represents the possibilities of creativity by festival patrons.

The idea behind the project is for festival-goers to individually paint a canvas that can stand alone, and also, as part of a larger collected work; which can be broken down into stand-alone groups or parts of that whole.  It’s simple to do and is wonderfully representational of individuals in a community and the various ways in which they can come together.

Sole Painting involves music, paint, bare feet, and a canvas on the ground.  Remember finger painting? Sole painting offers an opportunity to experience it again, only this time with your feet!
Sponsored by the Medicine Shoppe, you’re invited to put your soles into this group art project by kicking off your socks and shoes and dancing to the energetic music of Circling Over Shannon.  Water and towels will be available to clean up afterwards.

The Caswell Modular Art Project will be open for participation from 1 pm – 3 pm and Sole Painting is scheduled for 5:30 pm


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