Artist Village ’09

Artists’ market, art displays and demos, community tables, and festival HQ!  Come and see the art and activities taking place in and around Caswell…


Darlene Berntsen – hand knitting & crocheting, glass bead jewellery

Dieter Braun – native style drums

Gertie Braun – jewelry, drums, belts

Jody Cason – hand made bath products, paintings, art cards

Caswell School Children – arts and crafts

Donna Cates – oil & acrylic on canvas

Colleen Charlette – originally designed clothing

Amy Cheng – drawing, painting, photography, postcards, greeting cards, prints

Sheri Cole – jewelry design

Megan Davies – walking stick carving and woodburning

Paul Denham – acrylic painting

Morgan Ewert – paintings

Allison Ewert Twa – puppets

Donna Fedyk – jewellery and wire wrapping

Debbie Ferris – native style jewellery and beadwork

Julie Fleming Juarez – hand made beads, jewellery

Shannon Floer – handcrafts

Betty Grudniski – paintings and jewelry

Dave Hanson – metalwork, plasma cut and laser cut wallhangings, kinetic art

Shauna Hubbard – jewellery

Karen Humble – Humble Designs in Stone: architectural stonecarving and design

Dominique Hurley – art and photography, multidimensional paintings, photo greeting cards, magnets, visual meditation DVDs

Alecia Iwanchuk – paintings and succulents in hand-painted pots

Jessica Kapell – sage wands, wreaths, jewellery, hand made bath products

Beverley Kirkmorris – miniature paintings, cross stitch pieces

Isabel Kletner – ecobags

Caroline Kosmas – decorative mosaic works and handmade jackets, purses, chef aprons

Faye Krock – oil on canvas

Dallas Kruszelnicki – abstract painting, electronic sound recordings

Juli Labreque – art and crafts

Madelaine Lake – native style jewellery and beadwork

Aimee Leslie – acrylic & collage paintings

Leslie Logie-Sigfusson – pastel and pencil crayon  prints wild life, still life

Carolyn Loiselle – recycled clothing and bags

Jeannette Lussier – oil paint and mixed media

Jessica Marsh – digital photography

Linda Moskalyk – acrylic and collage paintings

Sandra Mosurinjohn – rock painting and canvas board

Stephanie Norris – abstract painting, photography

Susan Rauch – acrylic on canvas, furniture and table pieces

Brett Rogers – 3D mandalas on 2D surfaces using tiles, mirrors and drywall mud

Randy Ruppel – on-the-spot caricature drawing

Brenda Salt – pen and ink digitally enhanced artwork and cards

Saskatoon Convalescent Home – art cards, cookbooks

Carol Scott – stepping stones

James Skelton – mixed painting, photography, and paper

Melissa Squire – jewelry and clothing design

Bruce Stephenson – books of singable poetry with many found art black and white images incorporated within each thematically integrated work

Sandy Stotz – stained glass mosaics

Gail Taman – watercolor painting on paper and on wood

Ken Tickner – photography

Danielle Turple – painting, life drawing, portraits

Adrian Vermette – acrylic on paper and acrylic on canvas

Erin Weiss – boolah baguette: handmade items for babies and kids: clothing, toys, and such

Festival Headquarters

Get your programmes here!  Home to the Free Draw, Musician’s CD’s, Festival Volunteers, First Aid, Lost and Found, Caswell Hill Info, and more, this tent is the hub of the pARTy!

Free Draw

Give us your opinion and be entered to win fabulous prizes of original art and great stuff from local businesses!  The free draw is conveniently located at Festival HQ, pARTy central!


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