Artists’ Village ’10

Anita Amyotte – Sparkle & Doom Designs: Beaded, Crocheted, & other Jewelrey
Ashely Ballendine – temporary tattoos, face painting, henna,
Darlene Berntsen – knitting
Ryan Bradshaw – greeting cards, writing
Jody Cason & Jessica Kapell – Natural Body Products and Graphic Art,
Allison Brandt – Who New Creations, recycled fabrics artwork
Colleen Charlette – Fashion Design & Accessories,
Amy Cheng – Art Cards & Prints
Chelsea Collins – Eco- Felt to Create Brooches, Pins, magnets, Wallets and Wall Hangings,
James Davis – Photography
Kristen Dunn – hair wrapping
Carol Epp – Ceramics & Kids Textiles
Donna Fedyk – Jewellery/Wired Utensils
Randy Fedyk – Sewn Bags and Blankets
Debbie Ferris – Jewellery
Shannon Floer – handcrafts
Shannon Gauthier – abstract artwork
Nancy Gendron – jewelry
Margaret Greene – To Ear is Human: Jewelery,
Betty Grudniski – Paintings
David Hanson – Metal Art, Sculptures, Wall Hangings
Laura Harms – pen & ink
Shauna Hubbard – Jewelery
Dominique Hurley – Paintings, Greeting Cards, Magnets, Magnetic Bookmarks, Photo Meditation DVD,
Beverly Kirkmorris – crafts
Caroline Kosmas – decorative mosaic furniture and artwork
Juli Labrecque – artwork
Madeline Lake – jewellery
Jackie Latendresse – Free Flow Dance Studio, 665-5998,
Aimee Leslie – Acrylic, Oil and Mixed Media Pieces on Canvas,
Emily Machinine – willow necklaces, beaded earrings
Humboldt Magnussen – paintings and ceramics
Johnny Marceland – native art & jewelry
Jean Martin – Hand Painted Furniture
Michaela Micheal – jewelry
Vivian Nipshank – sweetgrass baskets, jewelry, birch bark biting,
Weldon Parsons – books, author
Shelley & Dave Plosz – artwork
Reva Quennell – metal art, acrylic paintings, handmade candles and greeting cards
Crystal Rassi – Prints & Art Cards
Brett Rogers – 3D Mandalas on 2D Surfaces,
Jackie Ross – acrylic paintings on canvas
Mary Jean Roy – Knitting
Ricki Skoretz – Glass Cases, Makeup Bags, Furniture
Carol Scott – Varied Artwork
Heather Shewchuk – Paper on Canvas Art
Melanie Shewchuk – original acrylic paintings & hair accessories,
Sarah Schindelka – jewelry & handmade clocks
Melissa Squire – Wire Wrapped Jewelry and Funky Clothing,
Bruce Stephenson – Word Sound Flower Power Artbooks & Songbooks,, (306) 292-7910
Sandy Stotz – Stained Glass Mosaics, groots
Irene Stroshein – Paintings, Acylic, Oil, Watercolor, Mixed Medium
Gail Taman – watercolor painting on paper and on wood
Danny Taylor – writer/poetry
Cathy Terepocki – Jewelry
Ken Tickner – Photography
Joanne Van Lambalgen – mixed media/acrylic paintings
Dianne Wagner – homemade jams, fresh juices, dried fruits
Erin Jarrett Weiss – handmade plush animals/creatures and other handmade-sewn goodies,
Sara Whyte – Funky Feather Hair Art

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