Artists’ Village ’11

Bernice Aldred – beaded earrings, jewellery
Linda Anderson – quilts
Dave Balderstone cigar box guitar, wood turnings (pens, bowls, ornaments)
Lee Brehon – fabric arts
Kalie Bryce – paintings and charcoal drawings
Shauna Buck – illustrations, prints, handcrafted magnets

Jody Cason – original paintings, historical artwork, craft

Colleen Charlette – fashion design and stylehouse clothing
Jason Cockrum – handmade jewelry from cutlery
Sheri Cole – Colourful Additions jewellery

Chelsea Collins – eco- felt brooches, pins, magnets, wallets and wall hangings
Jodi Dadey – bags, totes, and purses, hemp jewellery
Kristin Dunn – jewellery, clothing, bags, hair wrapping
Beate Epp – oil, watercolour, pastel, mixed, acrylic, photographs
Carole Epp – kid friendly textiles and pottery
Donna Fedyk – wired utensils and handmade jewelry
Randy Fedyk -courier bags, cushions, blankets & aprons
Lenora Felix – PrairieBlossoms jewellery
Diana Ford – custom wedding cake toppers
Wes Funk – Saskatchewan author of “Dead Rockstars”

Shannon Gauthier – paintings
Margaret Greene – to ear is human jewellery
Judy Grills – wildlife photography
Alexa Hainsworth – painting and textile art
Laura Harms – zentangle, a meditative repetitive pattern drawing technique
Calvin Henning – pencil drawings
Melanie Heystek – beaded gemstone jewellry
Kristina Johnson – jewelry from reclaimed vintage items and new material

Samantha Johnson – photography and graphic arts
Jessica Kapell – bath and body products
Jesse Kindrachuk – handmade lanterns
Carolyn Kosmath – stained glass furniture and mosaic
Lorraine Kunkel – native and costume jewellery
Juli Labrecque – artworks

Madeleine Lake – native style jewellery
Gail Lapointe – sewing
Riva Las Vegas – paintings, handcrafted candles, metal art
Angie Lato – mosaic & decoupage mirrors from recycled building products
Aimee Lauren Leslie – acrylic and mixed media paintings
Alfreda & Rebecca Lessing – crocheted items, jewellery

Adella Litzenberger – sewing and knitting
Carolyn Loiselle – recycled clothes, stuffed toys
Jeannette Lussier – art tiles and paintings
Dorine Milner – reed cradles, children’s cloth books & quillows
Nitulben  Mistry – Indian henna tattoos (herbal henna designed on the spot)
Michael Mowchenko – paintings

Marion Mutala – children’s books, “Baba’s Babushka”
Joanne Neil – fabric and sewing arts
Vivian Nipshank – birch bark biting
Gwynne Olson – handmade soap and bath products
Crystal Rassi – giclees, art cards, acrylic on canvas
Jackie Ross – natural nontoxic handmade cosmetics

Randy Ruppel – on the spot caricatures
Brenda Salt – digitally enhanced pen and ink
Priscilla Settee – artwork
Judy Ann Sherin – child’s handstitched jingleballs, quilted items, afghans
Anne Simmie – large scale paintings, photography, jewellery
Crystal Soulatzkoff – acrylic painting, sculpture
Freddie Spyglass – native art and crafts, eagles and scenic paintings
Erica Stevenson – abstract paintings

Sandy Stotz – stained glass: tables, candle holders, centre pieces, & garden light holders
Irene Stroshein – paintings, acrylic, oil, watercolor, mixed medium
Ken Tickner – DVDs, book, greeting cards, prints
Dianne Wagner – homemade jams, jellies, ginger products
Erin Weiss – boolah baguette clothing and toys for kids
Dean Whitebear – paintings and crafts
Nona Wowyk – acrylic on canvas/paper

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