Artists’ Village ’12

With over 95 artists (and counting!) in the village this year there will be a FANTASTIC selection of artwork and handcrafted items!! 

Check out these Participating Artists!

Alas Family – Bonsai trees, drawings, paintings, handcrafts
Skye Batdorf – pencil drawing
Zeljko Bilandzic – paintings and drawings 
Kate Blackport – photography
Sandy Bonny – watercolours on fabric and books (collection of short fiction)
Amanda Bosiak – hand decorated eggs
Kristen Brooks – painting & photography
Kristen Brown – paintings & drawings
Sean Brown, Jen Baez & Chrissy – face painting & body art
Stephanie Canning – sewn goods, incl. French press cosies & unique bow ties
JC Cardinal – paintings & artwork
Katie Castellarin – multiple different art mediums
Donna Cessna – acrylics on canvas/mat boards, (landscape & abstracted), photography
Autumn & Emily Collins – magnets
Chelsea Collins – felt, fabric, wood, canvas, dolls, pins, wall art, hooks
Christine Czajkowski – acrylic on wood
Harini Desai – beaded Indian clothing
Kimberley Dickinson – fused glass pendants & ornaments
Kristin Dunn – jewelry, clothing, bags, hair wrapping, African fashions, beaded jewelry
Julianne Dynneson – paintings, collage work, drawings
Taylor Edwards – prints of original works in brush & ink, markers, and pencil
Beate Epp – author
Donna Fedyk – jewelry and wired utensils
Randy Fedyk – courier bags, cushions, blankets & aprons
Julie Fleming Juarez – polymer clay/hand made beads & things
Jill Fletcher – tea cozys, small purses, messenger bags
Romie Froese – painter
Wes Funk – author
Teresa Gagne – pottery
Shannon Gauthier – paintings
Cindy Goldfinch & Lisa Whelan – one of a kind toddler clothing & accessories
Darren Gowan – sculptor
Weldon Gray – luthier
Margaret Greene – hand made jewelry
Brittney Hill – acrylic on canvas
Melanie Heystek – beaded jewelry & poi
Nathan Hyde – mixed media, abstract, mindful art
Kristina Johnson – handmade jewelry from repurposed vintage items &  new material
Isabelle Joyal – pottery, paintings on canvas and cards
Trina Kingfisher – photography
Bethany Korte – handmade jewelry
Caroline Kosmas – decorative mosaic works, furniture
Juli Labreque – wire rings, jewellery, & photography
Madelaine Lake – native style beadwork
Jessica Lane – oil & acrylic paintings & photography
Angie Lato – mosaic mirrors, funky switch plates & fun pins
Aimee Lauren Leslie – acrylic and mixed medium art
Elfriede & Rebecca Lessing- crocheting & upcycled jewellery
Adella Litzenberger – sewing and knitting
Carolyn Loiselle – clothes, toys and bags
Jenn Lundy – acrylic on canvas
Humboldt Magnussen – oil paintings, pencil drawings
Jane McWhirter – mainly portraits with acrylic paint and some mixed media
Andrea Millar – 100% beeswax candles including some with citronella
Betty Millar – painted canvas floor cloths and small wooded houses
Dorine Milner – handmade kitchen & personal items  
Paulette Mills – author
Nitul Mistry – henna artist
Jacqueline Moore – author
Alison Moorhead – acrylic on canvas paintings
Leah Moxley Teigrob – acrylics
Marion Mutala – author
Fawn Nielsen – author
Marcello Oliveri – original paintings/drawing
Robynn Olson – acrylic paintings on canvas
Vivian Orr – ceramic ornaments
Shannon Petrone – acrylic based baintings, jewelry
Sheila Poorman – contemporary paintings
Catherine Popiel – photography
Jessica Pritchard – acrylic paintings
Lloyd Prosper & Crystal Machinine – wolf willow seed jewelry & crosses
Tara Rivard – crocheted items & handcrafted home decor items
Jackie Ross – art and photography
Randy Ruppel – on the spot caricatures
Jenn Sarauer – handcrafted jewelry out of aluminum, silver, stone and glass
Carol Scott – bags, shawls, stepping stones, wheat bags
Silvana Shamo – painting with acrylic and oil paints
Judy Ann Sherin – children’s jingle balls, handmade items
Katherine Simonot – prints lithography/photography
Jeff Smith – author
Shelly Smith – fabric, yarn, paper
Megan St. Germaine – acrylic paintings
Alison Stadnyk – paintings, jewelry, CDS, & leather work
Blanc Star – sculptor and glass artist
Kim Steiger – jewelry & accessories
Bruce Stephenson – self-published, illustrated chapbooks & singable poetry posters
Irene Stroshein – water color, acrylic & oil paintings
Maxine Thomas – medallions & earrings
Ken Tickner – photographs, cards, DVDs & books
Alana Unruh (Moore) – painting & drawing
Dean Whitebear – ink and acrylic on canvas or paper
Elizabeth Wills – bags from recycled vintage fabrics, rings from recycled materials
Jireh Wong – paintings & photography
Donna Young & Giovana Tumialan – baby shoes & hats
Jay York – prints of original drawings
Andy Zimmerman – acrylic on canvas

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