Participating Artists ’13

Britt Agrey (Remade Groovy by Britt) – 100% recycled women’s clothing from reclaimed fabrics and textiles
Saba Ahmed – henna artistry
Jose Alas & family – handcrafts and artistic paints
Barbara Bakker – stained glass garden stakes, embroidered clothing, aprons, shoe bags, jewelry, leather totes
Kat Bens (Shakoriel) – digital illustration & painting, prints & colouring books
Zaljko Bilandzic – icons, free hand high resolution digital drawings
Dawn Bolin – crocheted items
Sandy Bonny – author and artist
Brian Bouvier – acrylics, native style art
Kalie Bryce – artwork & paintings
J.C. Cardinal – artist
Donna Cessna – acrylics on canvas, paper and mat board, watercolors
Terry Chapman – alcohol ink paintings
Gwen Churchwell & Evelyn Smysniuk (Ladybird) – beaded fashion jewelry
Theresa Cole (Redhead Therapy) – photographs
Bonnie Conly & Lisa Obridgewitsch – cards and original works of art
Agata Czajkowski – natural stone necklaces, wrap bracelets, other jewelry
Jodi Dadey – sewing (upcycled materials), hemp jewellery,  Lego earrings, tote & messenger bags
Dani Dale – mixed media
Karla Dalnoki (Hula-Hoopster) – custom made hula-hoops
Kimberley Dickinson – glass
Kristin Dunn – jewelry, clothing, bags, hair wrapping, African fashions
Dayle Ellis – paintings & hand made willow furniture
Ebtisam Elsheikhe – cr0chet, kntting  hats & scarfs, handbags, jewelries
Wes Ens – digital paintings
Allison Ewert Twa – puppets & sewing for kids
Donna Fedyk – jewelry and wired utensils
Randy Fedyk – courier bags, cushions, blankets & aprons
Mason Fehr – chain mail items
Louisa Ferguson (Luzglass Studio) – glass artist
Lyndia Fisher (Sask Home Grown Body Products) – soaps, lotions, scrubs, spa wraps etc.
Lana Froese – acrylic paintings, portraits
Wes Funk – author
Teresa Gagne – pottery, fibre items
Bonnie Gilmour – pottery
Starr Harding – canvas with acrylic & paper appliques
Calvin Henning – pencil drawings, photos, oil and water color
Brittney Hill – acrylic painting, beading
Naomi Hunter – metal work & jewelry
Celina Hyson – feather earrings, feather accessories, feather hair extensions, paintings, homemade dog treats
Viona Johnson – facepainting and body art
Fay Jung chain mail jewelry
Jenny Kardynal (Little Pieces of Lovely)blankets, appliques, onesies, hair accessories
Lauren Klassen – bracelets, beaded bracelets, dream-catchers, necklaces, photographic crafts
Ashley Kokesch – home decor signs
Caroline Kosmas – mosaic artworks
Yvonne Kurpjuweit (Creative Adornments) – lamp work beads & jewelry
Juli Labrecque – photography artwork
Madelaine Lake – hand-made native style beaded jewelry
Nadalie Larsonrecyclables, cloth, keychains, necklaces, paintings, hairwraps
Angie Lato – mosaic mirrors, funky switch plates & fun pins
Aimee Lauren Leslie – acrylic on canvas paintings
Rebekka Lessing – hand crafted jewelry & crocheted items
Adella Litzenberger – sewing, quilting, and needlework
Johnny Marceland & Jack Bateman – artwork & jewelry
Janalyn Mehler – painted canvasses
Loretta Metzger (CPI – Certified Paverpol Instructor) – garden sculptures from hardened cotton fabric
Paulette Millis – author
Nitul Mistry – henna art
Jacqueline Moore – author
Desirae Munro & Meghan McDonald (Balanced Needles Knitting & Quilting) – knitted clothing & accessories, quilted/sewn items (baby blankets, purses, etc)
Leah Moxley Teigrob – acrylic and mixed media
Marion Mutala – author
Fawn Neilson – author
Lisa Nelson (Meadow Treasures) – mixed medium (beaded spiders, adjustable aprons, charms, pincushions & more)
Lavon Nobert – hand made metal jewelry
Gwynne Olson (Paloma Skin Care) – handmade soap, lotion bars, band/inkle weaving
Robynn Olson – acrylic paintings on canvas
Loni Parker – handmade jewelry
Brennan Paul – beadwork, mukluks, moccasins
Shannon Petrone – paintings & facepainting
Sheila Poorman (POORMAN CREEations) – contemporary paintings
Catherine Popiel (CLP Photographic) – photography
Carey Rigby-Wilcox – author & artwork
Jessica Pritchard – acrylic paintings
Chris Read – nature photographry
Mary Jean Roy – knitting & sewing
Randy Ruppel – on the spot caricatures
Carol Scott – bags, shawls, stepping stones, wheat bags
Anne Simmie – copper & bead jewelry
Hillary Simon-Worobec – fine art photography
Pamela Silver – watercolour, pen and ink on watercolour paper (featuring the art of yoga series and healing arts), and acrylic on canvas
Linda Skibinsky – acrylic, alcohol ink and mixed medium
Shelly Smith – fabric, yarn, paper
Vicky Snook (Charmed Creations) – handmade jewelry
Kim Steiger – jewelry & accessories
Irene Stroshein – artist
Debbie Tiechroeb (Deborah Designs)hand-crafted jewelry created with natural gemstones and silver
Glendon Toews – craft & artwork
Mort Van Duzee & Luis Lopez – woven & hand knit articles
Venus – handmade knitted shoes, cushions and table clothes
Houkje Wentz – Victorian sculptural beading
Tiami Wheeler – crocheted necklaces, earrings, chokers , shawls,  scarfs
Dean Whitebear – painting
Elizabeth Wills – bags from recycled vintage fabrics, rings from recycled materials
Chris Wood (Body Butter Cafe) – handmade, natural bath and body care products
Andy Zimmerman – acrylic on canvas, boards etc.