Collaborative Art-making Projects ’14

C’mon, LET’S MAKE SOME ART!!!  There’s two collaborative art-making projects going on at the festival this year.

The “official” project is an Art in the Park Mural generously sponsored by the Medicine Shoppe on 33rd and facilitated by SCYAP.  Everyone is invited join SCYAP facilitators and take part in creating an Art in the Park mural similar to SCYAP’s beloved large art boards (above) featured each year at the festival! Be sure to get in on it! —Next year our art board will be on display with the others.  Legendary!!!

The “unofficial” project happens with the Saskatchewan Burning Man Community who are joining us with their Burner Bus. This bus makes the annual trek to the Burning Man festival in Nevada, but it’s just not a ride down to the burn, it’s an art project onto itself.  They’ve decided to paint the bus and are gathering design suggestions until July 15th for it with the Burner Bus Colouring Contest!   Submissions received before Art in the Park will be on display at the festival.  Who knows–perhaps yours will be the one that inspires them!  Draw or colour your suggestion on a colouring page that’s provided and stick it up on the bus with a magnet. If they get enough suggestions, perhaps they won’t need to paint the bus, it’ll be papered instead! For more details visit them on Facebook:

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