1:45 pm Little Opera On the Prairie (LOOP)

Little Opera On the Prairie Inc. (LOOP) was founded in 2012, and became incorporated in 2013. With a mandate to work with pre-professional artists from or living in Saskatchewan, LOOP, is quickly becoming known as an innovative opera company with a large focus on community building and education.

LOOP’s mission is to increase the demand for opera in the community by creating innovative and interesting performances and events that will attract and engage new and existing audiences as well as create work and performance opportunities for artists residing in Saskatchewan.

The first project was in 2012. Anastasia Winterhalt and Susan Reschny were recipients of an Arts Smarts Grant. The project was exciting and one-of-a-kind. They helped to facilitate the writing and performance of a 30-minute opera! Each student worked both on and off the stage, helped in the writing, the publicity and fundraising. Interestingly, the most rewarding experience was not the show itself, but rather the amazing friendships that emerged over the course of the production. The project effectively dismantled previous bullying issues in the classroom, stereotypes and cliques that are typically found today. The other major impact was that of the students’ interested in working in the arts. In fact, five different students declared wanting a life in opera after the project! Some in advertising, some in singing and one in writing.

In September of 2012, LOOP took a team of singers from around the province, and presented Dean Burry’s opera, Isis and the Seven Scorpions. This project was made possible through OSAC; and LOOP is extremely grateful for the experience. The opera was a huge success, receiving great reviews and sold twenty shows!

2013 was a busy year for LOOP – October featured a successful Masquerade.  In December, LOOP produced and performed Hansel and Gretel at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon.  LOOP’s most recent project included teaming with 3 other non-profit organizations (Live Five Theatre, Ritornello Chamber Festival and the Saskatoon Chefs’ Association) for The Chefs’ Showcase and Gala which offered a night of the city’s best eats and cultural treats.

For more information: http://www.loop-opera.ca


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