Participating Artists ’14

Celine Andrade & Liette St-Pierre – baby shoes made out of recycled leather products
Ken Ainsworth Karen Community – Karen hand woven products
Maureen Anspach – mixed media canvas art
Audra Balion Audra Balion Art & Design – paintings, prints of digital & acrylic paintings, small original acrylics & water colours, mini thermoplastic sculptures
Mallory Banting Sweet Somethings – re-purposed beauties and custom creations
Joani Barnett – acrylic, watercolour, pastel
Jack Bateman – multimedia visual artwork
Chloe Berg – aprons from recycled materials,  handmade kids felt books, fabric & textile items
Zeljko Bilandzic Zeljko Bilandzic Fine Art America – paintings & drawings
Stacey Black – paintings, drawings, beadwork, portraiture
Caroline Blom – tables, pillows, jewelry
Sandy Bonny Sandy Bonny Art – paintings, books
Cindy Braaten – knitting, scarves
Kelly Brandel Red Head Aromatherapy – all natural products such as liquid soap, sprays, medical blends, essential oils
Thorkel Brokenback The Viking Merchant – historical re-enactment, experimental archaeology, fine Viking carving in wood, stone, amber, leather and metal
Melanie Brown It’s Pure Luxury – cold pressed soaps blended with essential oils, peppermint lip balms
Krysta Bueckert – cartoon/character/comic artist
Jewel Buhay Jewel Buhay Art – watercolour, acrylic, alcohol ink paintings on tile & yupo
Corine Caplett – aboriginal beadwork, jewelry, dreamcatchers, jean purses
Katie Castellarin – acrylics, watercolours, ink, clay
Leah Chastain Mother Lovin’ Button Art acrylic on stretched canvas, with buttons
Felicia Chen Tempora Felicia – artist & knitwear designer
Candace Chickowski – acrylic on canvas, watercolor, colored pencil, conte, graphite, silkscreen, lithographs, and various prints
Janice, Emily & Molly Coates Little Yellow Bird – ceramic tiles painted with alcohol ink, homemade sewn items for babies & children
Bonnie Conly – paintings
Jodi Dadey From Muddy Water – sewn bags, accessories
Nasstassia Davy NkNaturals – handmade body butters, oils, & hair products
Elliott Dauvin – metal pieces
Kimberley Dickinson Kimberley Dickinson, Member SK Craft Council – glass artist
Michael Demarais – acrylic paintings, pencil & pen sketches
Renee Dudderidge – hand painted art and cards
Dayle Ellis – willow art & crafts
Nathan Ellis – acrylic & mixed media on canvas, marker on canvas
Ebtsam Elsheikh – handmade crafts, hats, jewelry, bags, beads
Wes Ens Wes Ens Studio – paintings
Kyle Fast – digital paintings
Donna Fedyk – jewelry, wire-wrapped utensils
Randy Fedyk – bags, cushions, blankets, aprons
Louisa Ferguson Luzglass Studio – glass art
Mackenzie Fetter – acrylics, watercolours, cloth
Tim Fisher Tim Fisher Art – paintings
Kari Fleck – hand sculpted and painted ornaments, magnets, cake toppers
Neil Ford Artisan Decks & Fence – outdoor furniture: wooden tables, stools, benches
Judy Fortin – sewing: head bands, baby dresses, quilts, hand towels, oven mitts
Shanna Friesen Annibelle Lockets – custom floating charm locket jewelry
Wes Funk Wes Funk, novelist – authored novels
Theresa Gagne Theresa Gagne – pottery, fibre items
Judi Gay – freestyle and saori weaving and fibre art
Jacqueline Germin & Craig Medwyduk Odelay! – screen printed wearables, posters
Adrian Golban – sculptures & paintings
Ahmree Gordon – canvas oil paintings of surreal landscapes and imagery, graffiti work on found objects with acrylic and spray paint
Farah Goubran – acrylics, watercolours, pastel, pencil crayons
Betty Grudniski Betty Arty Pants – paintings
Megan Guttormson – pen and watercolour pencil drawings, acrylics and watercolours, printmaking (silkscreen), digital art
Gypsy – paintings
John Harper The Drifters Wood – driftwood & barnwood functional art pieces & wall hangings
Michelle Harder – cement mushrooms, painted rocks, stained glass
Calvin Henning – drawings and a book of poetry
Fairren Henning – pencil & oil drawings
Brittney Hill – abstract art on canvas and beaded jewelry
Georgia Horsley – pottery & sand-cast items
Jayde Hryniuk – abstract paintings
Ian Janssens – wine racks
Viona Johnson Vivid Designs by Vi – facepainting
Fay Jung Chainmaille Creations by Fay – chainmaille jewellery and novelties
Natasha Just Just Sewing – baby blankets, crib sheets, bibs, baby items
Dana Kidd – acrylics on canvas
Ljuban Kopatar – poetry book
Caroline Kosmas – mosaic furniture & artwork
Lois Kurp – handcrafted cards with collage, recycled materials, Japanese papers, handmade Victorian paper jewelry
Madeline Lake – native style beadwork
Nadalie Larson – recycled crafts, dream catchers, home-made buttons, hair wraps
Riva Las Vegas Quennell – artwork, abstract paintings, drawings
Angie Lato Mystery Girl Mosaics – mosaic art, mirrors, switch plates, pins
Aimee Lauren Leslie – acrylic on canvas
Sabra Letourneau – acrylic on canvas
Maria Linklater – hide moccasins, beadwork, earrings, traditional dolls, teepee tents
Adella Litzenberger – sewing, quilting, knitting, embroidery
Carolyn Loiselle Slightly Askew – recycled clothes, accessories, knits
Stephanie Mah – various printmaking (screenprint, intaglio, linocut)
Johnny Marceland – paintings
Joanna Marjan – digital art & traditional pieces
Natalie Mariah – oil painting
Marlene Matthews – sewing: hats & bags
Jean McKenzie SewingGene – upcycled clothing
Shannon McLean – upcycled acrylic pieces, water color prints, originals, pointalisms
Janalyn Mehleracrylic & oil on canvas
Nitul Mistry Nitul Creation – temporary herbal henna tattoos
Donovan Moore Donovan Moore! Gallery!– digital art prints, acrylic on canvas
Nausha Muc Prairie Flower Design – jewelry crafted from old china & up-cycled items
Brandon Nataway – handcrafted natural red willow dreamcatchers
Lisa Nelson Meadow Treasures – Spiders, aprons
Dakotah Nemetchek – fine art, painting, knitted scarves
Robynn Olson Robynn Olson Art – acrylic on canvas
Erin Pell Glassy-Eyed Beads – glass art: beads, wearable pieces, suncatchers
Shannon Petrone Artwork by Shannon Petrone – acrylics on canvas
Savannah Pinsent – handmade jewelery out of bullet casings, crystals, feathers, embroidered hoop art
Laura Pritchard – screen-printing, intaglio, linocut & woodcut prints
Tracy Pytlowany Pillow Talk – handmade decorative pillows
Chris Read – landscape photography
Lorrie Rieber – beadwork
Catherine Ritchie CLP Photographic – photography
Mary Jean Roy – knitting & sewing
Randy Ruppel – caricature artist
Silvana Shamo – oil & acrylic on canvas, facepainting
Linda Skibinsky Art by Linda Skibinsky – alcohol ink on ceramic and acrylic paintings
Ricki Skoretz Hidden Stitch – upholstery, re-purposed and custom creations
Kim Steiger Feathers and Funk – jewelry & purses
Bruce Stephenson – books of singable poetry
Angela Storry A Storry Art – acrylic on canvas
Carrie Talbot – scrapbook albums
Gail Taman – watercolor on wood, jewelry, sculpture
Ken Tickner Kenneth Frank Tickner Photography – photography
Glendon Toews – art, stained glass, silk screen, guitars
Tara Trimble – crochet items, original art
Pearl Tseona – acrylic & oil on canvas
Brit Van Loon – painted canvasses and handmade jewellery
Dean Whitebear – painting
Steven Wiig – cob ovens
Janet Williams Janet Williams Art – acrylic on canvas, mixed medium; art reproductions on paper; art magnets
Elizabeth Wills Ringcarnation/Lizbags – jewelry & handbags from recycled materials
Angela Wirsta – mixed media canvas painting
Chris Wood Woods Body Goods – handcrafted body products
Karen Wooler – mixed media
Andy Zimmerman – acrylic on canvas

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