Nordhere Vikings ’15

Nordhere is a Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada-based re enactment & living history group portraying Anglo Saxons, Celts, Normans and Vikings in 10th and 11th century England.

We are a Herred of the Vikings UK and a founding member group of the Vikings Vinland Canada.

Nordhere means “Army from the North.” Our main focus is on England and Scandinavia between the years of 1000-1070 CE, spanning the second half of the reign of Edward the Confessor, the short turbulent rule of Harold Godwinsson, and the first years of Norman rule under William the Conqueror.

Nordhere is not just about the combat side of Viking life. We explore the entire culture, livelihood, trades, crafts, social structure and attitudes of the time. Nordhere aspires to live the history and re-enact this rich time period and culture.