Frontier College Reading Tent

Torie at Reading Tent12 – 5 pm – Reading Tents, as part of the history and tradition of Frontier College, are intended to promote reading and literacy awareness by exposing children and families to a wide range of books, stories and creative literacy activities. The reading tents encourage children to read for fun as well as to further develop their reading skills over the summer months. Join them for games, books and stories, and summer reading fun!

Frontier College is Canada’s original literacy organization. Their Saskatchewan branch has been in Saskatchewan since before it was the Province of Saskatchewan! Since 1903, they have collaborated to offer literacy programs in various parts of the province. Today, based in Saskatoon, they run programs for children, youth, and adults in Saskatoon (and adults in Regina), and they have Summer Literacy Camps in over 30 Saskatchewan communities: from Fort Qu’Appelle to Uranium City, and Cumberland House to Onion Lake. All programs are provided to learners free of charge.

For more information or to volunteer with Frontier College in Saskatoon, please call 306-374-7323 or email

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