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Applications for our June 9th Art in the Park festival are open!

Artist Village

Call for Artists, Artisans & Craftspeople!  We’re looking for artists, artisans & craftspeople to participate in the 18th annual Art in the Park.  Show and sell your artwork and handcrafted items.  Register today!

Market Vendors

Those wishing to sell artwork that they have not made themselves or other items must apply as Market vendors. New this year, we are allowing for a limited number of spots for vendors who are other than artists! Sales may include: artwork that is not your own, plants, vintage & flea market items, and select services & businesses. Please note: ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD SALES OR SAMPLES ALLOWED.  Apply today!

Not sure where to apply?


Have you got a talent to share?  Show us your stuff!!  We’re super excited to include BUSKING in our festival this year!  Busking is the practice of performing in public places for donations.  Performances are varied and intend to entertain, delight or amaze passersby and sometimes a crowd may gather.  Busking is only permitted at our designated busking spots.  There are a limited number of times and spots.  We will review your application and if you are accepted, you will be sent a Busking Agreement with a link to register.  If you would like to share your talents at a busking spot, please complete our Busking Application to express your interest in this possibility.


We LOVE our volunteers!!!  If you love us back (and want to see Art in the Park continue (!!), please consider lending a hand.  We need a lot of help to make the festival run smoothly and your help would make a world of difference to us!

As an Art in the Park volunteer, you’ll meet many great people.  Our volunteers are essential to the success of the festival.  Sign up and we’ll contact you with details.  Shifts are between 1-3 hours and we’ll work with you to find a good fit between your talents and the festival needs.  Apply today!

Stage Performers

New this year, we’re inviting proposals from musicians and groups interested in performing on our stage.  You will be sent a confirmation that we have received your expression of interest via the email address you provide.  Once we’ve confirmed received your expression of interest, if we are further interested in considering you or your group for performing on stage this year, we will get in touch with you.  Follow this link to complete the Stage Performer Expression of Interest.

Food Vendor 

Food items (other than those by our contracted food vendors) are not allowed. If you wish to apply to be considered for a food vendor contract, please fill out the food vendor application form. You will be sent a confirmation that we have received your expression of interest via the email address you provide.  There are only a limited number of food vendor contracts however and you will be contacted further if you are being considered for a spot.  Follow this link to complete the Food Vendor Expression of Interest.