Set Up Info & FAQ

We’ve put together the following Set up Info and FAQ to help make your day an enjoyable one!

Where is the festival located?

Art in the Park is outdoors in Ashworth Holmes Park on Avenue E North & 31st Street West, one of the oldest parks in Saskatoon.  If you want an address for your GPS, 915 Avenue D North will get you there.  Also see the sidebar for a link to Google Maps.

How many people are expected?

2000 – 5000 people are expected to attend the festival. 

What if it rains?

The festival will go on RAIN OR SHINE.  We suggest bringing a light plastic cover (clear garbage bag) or blanket to cover your artwork or other items just in case there is an unexpected shower.  You may also set up a tent or canopy

NOTE: Canopies must be 12’ x 12’ or smaller: no large event tents.  When setting up any canopies, please observe the line locations marked with grass paint and flags.  Do not put tents and tent pegs in the ground within 1 metre of where a line location is indicated.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Use small 6” tent pegs ONLY.

If it’s raining in the morning, we will still set up and hope for the best — in the past, most rainy mornings have cleared by noon.

If it’s raining and you feel your participation would risk damaging your artwork or other items, we understand if you choose not to come to the festival or if you need to leave the festival earlier than 5pm to protect your items. We want you, your artwork, and other items to be safe. As always, we wish you all the best!

Will you issue refunds to artists in the event of bad weather?

No. In planning the festival we incur expenses that must be paid, regardless of weather conditions on festival day.

What is the refund policy?

A requirement when we listed our festival (artist and market vendor registration) on Eventbrite was that we publicized our refund policy.  As was stated on the Eventbrite site and visible to artists and vendors when they registered, the refund policy is that we will issue refunds up to 30 days before event.

What site amenities are available?

Portapotties and a hand wash station are located behind the paddling pool.  There is no ATM on site. 

Where is lost and found, first aid, and more?

Information, programmes, lost & found, first aid, Caswell Hill info, and more will be at Festival HeadQuarters (Festival HQ), located between the playground, sunken garden, and stage.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for the public to attend the festival (admission is free).

New this year, we’ve necessitated ticket sales for registered artists and market vendors (between $10 – $55) to keep the festival going. **Without ticket sales, we do not have enough funding to put on the festival.

Money raised from ticket sales goes towards operating costs of the festival, including site amenities, permits, portapotties, hand-wash stations, sound, stage, administration, promotion & advertising, and first aid.

If you are an artist experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford a $10 registration ticket, please contact to inquire about assistance. All inquiries will be kept confidential.

Are there any restrictions on what I can sell?

This is an arts festival.  Artists may sell their artwork (artwork includes paintings, jewelry, pottery, sewing, etc. and other handcrafted items THAT YOU HAVE MADE YOURSELF).  All artwork must be handcrafted and suitable for family audiences.   If you are registering as an artist, mass manufactured items may not be sold. Mass manufactured items may be used to create artwork (such as beads to make jewelry). Prints made from your own original artwork may be sold. If you are unsure if your artwork fits our criteria, please contact us at with information about your artwork and include a phone number where you can be contacted.

New this year, those wishing to sell artwork THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAS MADE or other items must apply as Market vendors.  We are allowing for a limited number of spots for vendors who are other than artists.  Sales may include: artwork that is not your own, plants, vintage & flea market items, and select services & businesses.

ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD SALES OR SAMPLES ALLOWED (other than by our contracted food vendors).

Is Art in the Park a juried event?

No, although we require that all items being sold in Artist Spots are handmade by the artist and we may conduct inspections during the festival.

Is Busking allowed?

New this year, we’re super excited to include busking (the practice of performing in public places for donations) in our festival!  Busking is only permitted at designated busking spots.  Artists wishing to share their talents in this way must complete the  Busking Application. We will review applications and artists who are accepted will be sent a Busking Agreement with a link to register.  Not all applications may be accepted: There are a limited number of times and spots.

How do I sign up to participate? 

If you have not already done so, please visit our applications page. If you are already registered, please continue reading.

We ask that each artist/vendor register separately, regardless if you will be sharing a spot with someone else.

Not sure where to apply?

Do I need to print the ticket?

No, you can either bring a paper copy, or bring the ticket on your phone.

I have people coming to help me unload items and help me at my booth.  Do they need tickets too? 

You only need a ticket for yourself.  1 ticket per artist or vendor. It is not necessary to get additional tickets for others who may be at your spot keeping you company or helping to load/unload items.

What do I do with the ticket I got when I registered?

Bring your registration ticket with you to the festival please.   When you arrive please check in with your ticket at Festival HQ. 

When you check in, you will receive a Site Pass to display at your spot for the day.  Your Site Pass must be visibly displayed all day.

Where can I set up?

Your Site Pass will indicate which Zone you may set up in (according to the ticket you chose).  Please choose your spot within your designated Zone.  Zone Captains will be available to assist artists and vendors with finding spots in their zones.

Artists In Zone G are to set up in the grassy areas.  Some areas will have rows, other areas will be free form.  There are squiggly lines in a few places that artists can set up along to form artist “crescents” in the grass.

Avoid line locates (straight lines)–please set up 1 meter away from these.  Avoid dotted areas.  Please respect other artists and cooperate with Zone Captains and Art in the Park crew.

Please see below for a map of Site Zones.  Artist Zones are labelled Zones A through G.  The Market vendor Zone will be located somewhere in the grassy field within Zone G.  We have not yet narrowed down the specific location.  Market vendors will find out their specific area in Zone G at check in on festival day.

How much space do artists and market vendors get?  Are spots assigned?

Spots are approximately 12′ x 12 ‘ and first come first serve WITHIN YOUR ZONE.  Note that walkways between the stage, concession & kids area will be marked (dotted with grass paint) and are to remain open for traffic flow & sight lines.  If you set up in an area that is to remain open, we’ll let you know and will ask you to move.  IMPORTANT: please cooperate with Zone Captains and Art in the Park crew for spot locations.

If you require a spot larger than 12′ x 12′, you may buy a second ticket.  No more than 2 tickets per artist/vendor.

What if I forgot my ticket or can’t find it?

We’ll have a list of registered artists and market vendors at Festival HQ and will check you off that way.  HOWEVER, we encourage you to look for your ticket and find it because searching for your name on the list will take time and make the check in process much, much longer than it needs to be.

What time does set up begin? 

Artist/market set up begins at 9 AM.  Please do not enter the park with your stuff, including tables/tents, before 9 AM.  Artists/vendors arriving before set up at 9 AM must wait.  Artists/vendors with artwork and items in the park before 9 AM will be asked to leave.  Artists/vendors in the park before 9 AM will be asked to help!!  Set up goes until noon.

You may arrive any time between 9am and noon, so long as you are ready to go by 12 pm.  Artists/market vendors are to be set up by noon and remain set up until the festival is over at 5 pm.

Why can’t I set up before 9 AM and why can’t I enter the park before 9 AM?

There are so many reasons…  1. It is a residential neighbourhood and some people like to sleep in on the weekend.  The earlier that people arrive and the more people that get there, the noisier it gets.  In the 16 years we’ve had the festival, there have been no complaints of which we are aware. We want to keep it that way.  2. Festival volunteers are in the park preparing the site beforehand.  We need time before artists arrive to get the stage, portapotties, & concession items into the park, and to look after other things that need to happen before artists arrive.  3. We are volunteers and we like to sleep too.  The earlier we allow artists to set up, the earlier we need to arrive beforehand.  4. The mom answer:  “Because we said so.”

But what if I don’t get the spot I wanted?

Then you will get another spot.  Please be respectful of Art in the Park volunteers and other artists.  We encourage you to get to know your fellow artist neighbours for sharing creative inspiration, friendships, collaborations, and learning opportunities.

Why do we have to stay set up until 5pm?

We’ve advertised the festival until 5 PM and planned the festival until 5 PM, so we ask that you remain until 5 PM. Sometimes when one person starts packing up, others follow suit as well.  It can sometimes have a snowball effect and then everyone packs up and the next thing you know the festival’s over at 4:30 PM because everyone’s gone!  Therefore, we ask that you kindly remain set up until it’s over at 5 PM.

HOWEVER, if it’s raining and you risk damaging your artwork or other items to remain, we understand if you need to leave.  We want you, your artwork, and other items to be safe.  In this case, please pack up as best you can to remain dry and protect your items.  We wish you all the best!

What if I have to leave early?

Please contact the Festival Coordinator Raeanne at 306-220-9159 or email to discuss your circumstances.  We are not unreasonable and are willing to make exceptions for exceptional circumstances.

Where do we park? 

Parking is on the streets around the festival.  Please observe all loading zones and no parking signs, temporary or otherwise.  We suggest that you park a few blocks away so that festival attendees (your customers) have somewhere to park when they arrive.

How do I unload my artwork?

Option 1:  You can use the temporary designated 15 minute loading zone (7am – 12 pm) to unload your artwork.   There will be commissionaires overseeing the area.  Please unload as quickly as possible and vacate the loading zone so that the next artist can use it.  If you are parked in the loading zone for longer than 15 minutes, you risk getting a ticket. 

Option 2:  Park somewhere else first and bring your artwork and items from there.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT block driveways or crosswalks, or you risk getting a ticket.  It is ILLEGAL to park in an intersection (including the 3-way intersection at Ave D North & 31st St W).

Can I drive my vehicle into the park?

NO, you may NOT drive your vehicle into the park to load or unload your artwork and other items.  Those who bring vehicles into the park will be asked to leave the festival.

Are there dollies or wagons available for us to use?

No, artists/vendors must bring their own.  We are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items or transport of items to and from your vehicle.  Artists/Vendors are responsible for their own artwork AND cash box. 

Who can I ask if I have a question?

Volunteer Zone Captains and Art in the Park crew will be on site to assist with questions.  Please respectful and appreciative.  These people have donated their time and their effort to help you and to help with the festival.  Please be patient.  There are far more artists than volunteers.

Do you supply tables for artists/vendors?

No. We do not supply tables or anything else.  Please bring everything you need to set up.  Most artists bring tables and chairs.  Other options people have brought to display their artwork include shelving, easels, boxes, milk crates, or blankets. Some bring tents or canopies (see above for details). We also suggest you bring business cards.

Is there power available?

No.  Portable generators are not allowed.

Can I sell food at my booth?

No, food items may not be sold or sampled.  (You can bring a lunch for yourself to eat, you just can’t SELL food).

How much will I sell?

There is no guarantee that you will sell any thing.  Some artists/vendors sell a lot and others sell less.  Variables include: what you’re selling, the price you’re asking, and people’s mood and size of their pocketbooks that day.  We recommend that you bring business cards for your table. 

What else do I need?

All artists, vendors, and buskers are responsible for their own insurance and any necessary licenses.

What is the process for take-down & loading after the festival?

Please look after your garbage and leave the park in the same condition in which you found it.  Please observe all loading zones, no parking signs, and crosswalks post-festival.

Where do I drop off donations of items for the free draw and volunteer appreciation?

Items may be dropped off at Festival HeadQuarters when you register in the morning, or any time during the afternoon.

Can I smoke in the park?

No.  There is no drinking, no smoking, and no vaping in the park according to the City of Saskatoon Bylaws 8286. Artists/vendors found breaking these and any other laws will be asked to leave.

Are pets welcome?

There are no formal restrictions by the Festival Committee or Community Association at this time, however animals that are felt to be threatening or a nuisance will be asked to leave. Pets must be on leash according to the City of Saskatoon Animal Control Bylaw #7860 and must follow all other bylaws:…/def…/files/documents/7860.pdf

Can I sign up to be a stage performer or food vendor?

New this year, we’re inviting proposals from musicians/groups interested in performing on our stage.  Once we’ve received your expression of interest, if we are further interested in considering you or your group for performing on stage this year, we will get in touch with you.

Food items (other than those by our contracted food vendors) are not allowed. If you wish to apply to be considered for a food vendor contract, you may fill out a food vendor application form. You will be sent a confirmation that we have received your expression of interest via the email address you provide.  There are only a limited number of food vendor contracts however and you will be contacted further if you are being considered for a spot.