Participating Artists 2017

Andrea Magnuson-Kasstan Lupine Studios – Sewing, Fibre, Stuffies
Julia Price snowflake kidz – recycled dolls
Aleksi Anseth Aleksi Ann – Watercolour, acrylic, mixed media
Michael Martin Art Expressions – acrylic on canvas
Lindsay Buhay Spa stuff – Hand crafted bath and body, home decor
Leah Feliciano Fairyswings – Beads, pearls, shells etc.
Bob and Leona Tetz Over the hill creations – Jewelery from cutlery
Samantha Wildey – Painting and mixed medium
Ethan and Brandy Heshka Beadtendo – Framed bead art, magnets, keychains
Molly Cooper – Acrylic paintings, handmade jewelry
Jodi Dadey From Muddy Water – Fabric/textile sewing
Christopher Lanctot Abandoned Warehouse Crafts – wearable accessories and miniatures
Link Lanctot – jewellery
Tami Nykiforuk TAMI Nykiforuk ART – mixed medium
Jenine Yuzik Dabble Divaalcohol ink, costume jewelry, art jewelry
Karen Gesy Put A Nerd On Itmixed on wood
Rob Gurski Rob’s Unique guitars – handcrafted wall guitars, jewellery, memorabilia
Nadalie Larson Holiday Black – jewelry, art, day dream catchers
Jean Martin – Hand painted wooden chairs, tables, trays (anything that can be repurposed)
Gwen Davidson G’Artupcycling of glass and metal into garden gems
Janice Coates – Mixed media collage and encaustic paintings
Jacqueline Cawthray Rust On The Prairieslighting
Ken Chrun Ken’s Bent Silverware
Doug Shirley gails pyrography
Gabriela Prado    
Justin Semenoff Gothic Forge
Carol Loney Inspirado Cuba
Catherine Ritchie Catherine Ritchie, Photographic Artist
Natasha Just just sewing
Julie Lawrie     
Cecilia Prado Gabriela Prado
Cassidy Henderson     
Alicia Finch Cozy Home Creations
Sheri Cole Colorful Additions
Fiona Kasian Bath Bomb Boutique
Sandy Bonny Sandy Marie Bonny
Desiree Noon Rattlesnakes Den
Donna Fedyk    
Andrea Farrell Mojilife
Lee Brehon My Creative Studio
Vicky Snook Charmed Creations by Vicky
Danielle Wieler Art by the Yard
Monique Haudegand Pure Metta
Terri Lavallee Northern Lights Beadwork
Lance Wark    
Danielle Altrogge Slamstick