Set Up Info & Tips for Artists

We’re glad to have you in the festival!  We’ve put together the following set up information and tips to help make your day an enjoyable one!

Where is the festival located?

Art in the Park is outdoors in Ashworth Holmes Park on Avenue E North & 31st Street West, one of the oldest parks in Saskatoon.  If you want an address for your GPS, 915 Avenue D North will get you there.  Also see the sidebar for a link to Google Maps.

How many people are expected?

More than 2000 people are expected to attend the festival. 

What site amenities are available?

Portapotties and a hand wash station are located behind the paddling pool.  The concession will be open for coffee and cold food at 10:30 AM, and hot food from 12 – 5 PM.  Cash only.  There is no ATM on site.

How do I tell who are the festival Volunteers?

Volunteers are wearing Volunteer ID Tags.

What if it rains?

The festival will go on rain or shine.  We suggest bringing a light plastic cover (clear garbage bag) or blanket to cover your artwork just in case there is an unexpected shower.

How much does it cost to register?

There is no fee to participate in the festival, but artists must register with the festival.  If you have not already done so, please register here. If you are already registered, please continue reading.

What time does set up begin? 

Artist set up begins at 9 AM.  Please do not enter the park before 9 AM.  Artists arriving before set up at 9 AM must wait to enter the park.  Artists in the park before 9 am will be asked to leave.

Why can’t I set up before 9 AM and why can’t I enter the park before 9 AM?

There are so many reasons…  1. It is a residential neighbourhood and some people like to sleep in on the weekend.  The earlier that people arrive and the more people that get there, the noisier it gets.  In the 16 years we’ve had the festival, there have been no complaints of which we are aware. We want to keep it that way.  2. Festival volunteers are in the park preparing the site beforehand.  We need time before artists arrive to get the stage, portapotties, & concession items into the park, and to look after other things that need to happen before artists arrive.  3. We are volunteers and we like to sleep too.  The earlier we allow artists to set up, the earlier we need to arrive beforehand.  4. The mom answer:  “Because we said so.”

But what if I don’t get the spot I wanted?

Then you will get another spot.  Please be respectful of festival volunteers and other artists.  We encourage you to get to know your fellow artist neighbours for sharing creative inspiration, friendships, collaborations, and learning opportunities. Artists are to be set up by noon and remain set up until the festival is over at 5 pm.

Why do we have to stay set up until 5pm?

We’ve advertised the festival until 5 PM and planned the festival until 5 PM, so we ask that you remain until 5 PM. Sometimes when one person starts packing up, others follow suit as well.  It can sometimes have a snowball effect and then everyone packs up and the next thing you know the festival’s over at 4:30 PM because everyone’s gone!  Therefore, we ask that you kindly remain set up until it’s over at 5 PM.

What if I have to leave early?

Please contact the Festival Coordinator Raeanne at 306-220-9159 or email to discuss your circumstances.  We are not unreasonable ,and are willing to make exceptions for exceptional circumstances.

There is a lot of construction around the park this year.  How do we get to the festival?

We’ve been communicating with the City and Hamm Construction Ltd, both of who sponsor the festival.  We aim to have a map of the streets around the park that shows which of them will be open and which will be closed on Sunday.  This will be done as close to the festival as possible, to have the most up to date informationPlease keep checking your emails, Art in the Park facebook page, and this website for updated information.  The roadwork is part of an important infrastructure water main, sanitary lining and lead water pipe replacement project in older neighbourhoods like ours.  Both the City and Hamm Construction Ltd. have been very attentive to the festival needs and are doing their best to help us have a great day on Sunday.  Visit the map of Road/Sidewalk Closures & Possible Restrictions for Sunday, Sept 10

Where do we park? 

Parking is on the streets around the festival.

How do I unload my artwork?

Option 1:  You can use the temporary designated  loading zone to unload your artwork.  There will be a commissionaire overseeing the area.  Please unload as quickly as possible and vacate the loading zone so that the next artist can use it. 

Option 2:  Parking somewhere first and bringing your artwork from there also works well.

Do not block driveways or crosswalks.

Can I drive my vehicle into the park?

NO, you may NOT drive your vehicle into the park to load or unload your artwork. Artists who bring vehicles into the park will be asked to leave the festival.

Are there dollies or wagons available for us to use?

No, artists must bring their own.  We are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items or transport of items to and from your vehicle.  Artists are responsible for their own artwork AND cash box. 

Are spots assigned?

Spots are not assigned: choose your spot along the unmarked paths.  Note that walkways between the stage, concession & kids area will be marked (with grass paint) and are to remain open for traffic flow & sight lines.  If you do happen to set up in an area that is to remain open, we’ll let you know and will ask you to move.

Where can I set up?

Artists are to begin setting up along the walkways first.  Once the walkways are filled, set up will move out into the grassy areas.  Some areas will have rows, other areas will be free form.

How much space do artists get?

We are not restricting artists’ display space this year.

What’s with all the fencing in the park?

This is fencing put in place by the playground contractor to keep people off the new turf so that the sod will have time to establish itself and be nice in the future.  So please stay off the lawn in the fenced off areas.  We agree, it’s not an ideal situation for Art in the Park, but just think how nice the festival will look next year!

Is there enough room in the park for everyone?

The park is very large and there is more than enough room for everyone.

Who can I ask if I have a question?

Volunteers will be on site to assist with questions.  Please respectful and appreciative.  These people have donated their time and their effort to help you and to help with the festival.  Please be patient.  There are far more artists than volunteers.

Do you supply tables for artists?

No. We do not supply tables or anything else.  Please bring everything you need to set up.  Most artists bring tables and chairs.  Other options people have brought to display their artwork include shelving, easels, boxes, milk crates, or blankets. We also suggest you bring artist business cards.

Is there power available?


Can I bring a canopy for my spot?

Yes, you may. Canopies must be 12’ x 12’ or smaller: no large event tents.  When setting up any canopies, please observe the line locations marked with grass paint and flags.  Do not put tents and tent pegs in the ground where a line location is indicated.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Use small 6” tent pegs ONLY.

Are there any restrictions on what I can sell?

This is an arts festival.  Artists may sell their artwork.  All artwork must be handcrafted and suitable for family audiences.  Mass manufactured items may not be sold (other than prints made from your own original artwork).  Food items may not be sold.

Can I sell food at my booth?

No, food items may not be sold.

How much will I sell?

There is no guarantee that you will sell any thing.  Some artists sell a lot and others sell less.  Variables include: what you’re selling, the price you’re asking, and people’s mood and size of their pocketbooks that day.  The nice thing is that your spot is free and you’ve gotten valuable exposure.  We recommend that you bring business cards for your table.

Is there coffee in the morning?

Yes, the concession will be open for coffee and cold food at 10:30 AM, and hot food from 12 – 5 PM.  Cash only.  There is no ATM on site.  If you want coffee before 10:30 AM, bring your own.

Where are the bathrooms?

Portapotties and a hand wash station are located behind the paddling pool.

Where is lost and found, first aid, and more?

Festival Headquarters, a.k.a. HQ, a.k.a. Caswell Community Association tent is near the stage and kids area.  This is the place to go for information, programmes, festival volunteers, first aid, lost and found, Caswell Hill info, etc.  Caswell Community Association volunteer representatives will be here with newsletters and info about our community, programming, events, and the association itself.

I will donate an item for the free draw.  Where do I drop it off?

At Festival Headquarters–after 1 PM please.

Can I smoke in the park?

No.  There is no drinking, no smoking, and no vaping in the park according to the City of Saskatoon Bylaws 8286. Artists found breaking these and any other laws will be asked to leave.

Are pets welcome?

There are no formal restrictions by the Festival Committee or Community Association at this time, however animals that are felt to be threatening or a nuisance will be asked to leave. Pets must be on leash according to the City of Saskatoon Animal Control Bylaw #7860 and must follow all other bylaws:…/def…/files/documents/7860.pdf

How is the festival promoted?

Artist promotion of the festival is one of the ways we like to get the word out.  Please let your friends, family, and the people in your networks know about your participation.  Spread the word! The more people that know about the festival, the merrier!

Other ways the festival is promoted include: posters, newsletters, social media, media interviews, sponsored advertising with our media partners, and most effective–word of mouth, so tell all your friends!