Set Up Info & Tips for Artists

We’re glad to have you in the festival!  We’ve put together the following set up information and tips to help make your day an enjoyable one!

Location:  Art in the Park is outdoors in Ashworth Holmes Park on Avenue E North & 31st Street West, one of the oldest parks in Saskatoon.  See the sidebar for a link to it on Google Maps.  It is an oval park with straight walking paths, wide grassy areas, and large magnificent trees.

In case of rain:  The festival will go on rain or shine.  We suggest bringing a light plastic cover (clear garbage bag) or blanket to cover your artwork just in case there is an unexpected shower.

Attendance:  More than 2000 people are expected to attend the festival. 

Site amenities:  Portapotties and a hand wash station are located near the tennis courts.  The concession will be open from 12 – 5 pm.  Cash only.

Committee members & volunteers are wearing Volunteer ID Tags.  Please come find us with any questions.

Festival promotion:  Artist promotion of the festival is one of the ways we like to get the word out.  Please let your friends, family, and the people in your networks know about your participation.  Spread the word! The more people that know about the festival, the merrier!

Registration:   There is no fee to participate in the festival, but artists must register with the festival.  If you have not already done so, please register here. If you are already registered, please continue reading.

Set up:  Artists are to be set up by noon and remain set up until the festival is over at 5 pm. We suggest arriving right at 9 am if you’d like the greatest choice of spots. Important note:  Artists arriving before set up at 9 am must wait to set up.  Artists set up prior to 9 am will be asked to leave.

Where to set up:  Spots are first come first serve.  Choose your spot along the unmarked paths.  Walkways between the stage, concession & kids area will be marked (with grass paint) and are to remain open for traffic flow & sight lines.

We are not restricting artists’ display space this year. 

Please bring everything you need to set up.  Most artists bring tables and chairs.  Some have canopies/tents as well.  Other options people have brought include shelving, easels, boxes, milk crates, or blankets. We also suggest you bring artist business cards.

When setting up any canopies, please observe the line locations marked with grass paint and flags.  Do not put tent pegs in the ground at these spots.  Use small 6” tent pegs only.  No large event tents: canopies 12’x12’ or smaller please.

 You may not drive your vehicle into the park to load or unload your artwork:  Artists who bring vehicles into the park will be asked to leave the festival.

Artists are responsible for their own artwork and cash box.  We are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items or transport of items to and from your vehicle. 

All artwork must be handcrafted and suitable for family audiences.  Food items may not be sold. Mass manufactured items may not be sold.  

There is no drinking, no smoking, and no vaping in the park according to the City of Saskatoon Bylaws 8286.  Artists found breaking these and any other laws will be asked to leave.